2020 is here, and it looks poised to keep pace with 2019 in terms of rapid-fire restaurant openings in and around Boston, spanning a number of cuisines — but, in particular, zeroing in on Japanese food, pizza, a weirdly large amount of chicken, plenty of booze, and a strong showing in Dorchester, Boston’s largest neighborhood. 2019’s promise of food halls galore will carry over into 2020 as well.

The new year will likely see an invasion of more giant non-local chains (looking at you, Seaport District) as well as some non-local television and internet celebrities (Iron Chef Morimoto, Salt Bae?), and while signs point to it getting harder and harder for local, independent operators to open up restaurants, there are fortunately still a number of those on the horizon.

This guide tracks some of the most anticipated restaurant openings of 2020; keep in mind, though, that projected timelines can and often do change as a result of construction and permitting delays and other factors. In fact, many of the restaurants mentioned in this guide were supposed to open around fall 2019. As such, take timeline projections with the necessary grain of salt.

For weekly updates on what’s coming, check Eater Boston’s coming attractions news roundup; for weekly updates on what’s actually open, check the openings roundup. Know about something not mentioned in this guide that should be on our radar? Send tips via email. Want to discuss the Boston restaurant scene in general, along with fellow Eater Boston readers and staff? Join our Facebook group.

Boozy Boston

Drinkers may find a lot to love in the

Boozy Boston

new year with cocktail bars, breweries, and more on the horizon. Here’s what’s coming:

Cocktails and spirits


From owners Paola Ibarra — who developed the bar program at Peruvian restaurant Celeste a couple doors down — and Yhadira Guzmán comes Barra, an intimate bar in a space that previously housed a juice shop. While Barra’s focus will be on drinks, especially Latin American liquors (including sotol and mezcal), there will be tacos and other snacks to eat. The menu was created by Mexico City-based chef Sofía García Osorio. (Also see the Latin American Food section below.) 23A Bow St., Union Square, Somerville. Anticipated opening timeline: Early February 2020.

Daiquiris & Daisies at High Street Place

One of 20 food and beverage vendors slated for downtown Boston’s forthcoming High Street Place food hall (see 2020: The Year of the Food Hall, Take Two below), Daiquiris & Daisies will feature “creative and classic cocktails with seasonal twists” from Boston bar stars Daren Swisher and Joseph Cammarata, Hojoko alums (where they were co-winners of the 2015 Eater Boston Bartenders of the Year award). 100 High St., downtown Boston. Anticipated opening timeline: March 2020.