Latin American Food (With a Side of Boozy Slushies)

The Boston area has a lot of Mexican food on deck this year, with a bit of Salvadoran and Peruvian joining the mix as well. Here’s what’s...

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Lots of Japanese Food (Mostly Out-of-Town Chains, But Potentially Interesting Ones)

The title of this section says it all — there are lots of Japanese restaurants slated to open this year, and they’re mostly chains, but...

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2020: The Year of the Food Hall, Take Two

You know the drill: Boston’s obsessed with food halls right now. As it’s getting harder for independent operators to open up standalone...

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Pizza? Pizza in Boston

Like all the aforementioned chicken openings, a number of Boston’s forthcoming pizzerias also missed their late 2019 opening timelines....

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There Are Still a Lot of Chicken Restaurants on the Way

Fall 2019 was supposed to see the debut of a strangely high number of chicken-focused restaurants; a few did open, but most are still in...

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